(08) Why chose a DEVIL?

Why beat every animal and slaughter it down,Why rape every other girland snatch her crown.Why feed cracker to a motherand burst her mouth,Why kill only your daughter,before she’s actually out.You were sent by an angel,why your deeds are evil,When you can be anything in this world,Why only chose a devil? ~Khushi Garg Some people might be wondering who the hell “feeds a cracker to a … Continue reading (08) Why chose a DEVIL?

7 Quotes to inspire you to “Be Yourself”

No one knows youself better than you. In order to be able to make honest connection and real relationships, you need to love the flawed and imperfect person you are, because the people who actually care won’t leave and the people who don’t, doesn’t matter. Live your story the way it should be lived, without caring about other people’s opinions and tell it the way … Continue reading 7 Quotes to inspire you to “Be Yourself”