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Writer’s block is weird!

Writer’s block is a situation (primarily associated with writing) in which an author is unable to produce new work or undergoes a creative slowdown. I think I am officially under the spell of this thing. I used to think that ‘Writer’s block’ kind of thing is fake or unreal or not possible.

(12) Fantasy or reality? #Revealed

This post is based on some possible interpretations of the poem I wrote; “Fantasy or Reality”. Click here to read the poem. Overall summary of story- The poem is about a girl who met with some kind of accident and went into deep unconsciousness state caused by severe injuries commonly called coma, could hear theContinue reading “(12) Fantasy or reality? #Revealed”

(10) It all Counts

There are flowers that bloom,And flowers that don’t.But all of them were given a seed,of there own. The life we live,And the love we get. The people we meet,And the family we neglect. The friends we curse,And fiends we cherish. The problems we face,And the faces we have. It all matters in the end,As theContinue reading “(10) It all Counts”

(08) Why chose a DEVIL?

Why beat every animal and slaughter it down,Why rape every other girland snatch her crown.Why feed cracker to a motherand burst her mouth,Why kill only your daughter,before she’s actually out.You were sent by an angel,why your deeds are evil,When you can be anything in this world,Why only chose a devil? ~Khushi Garg Some people mightContinue reading “(08) Why chose a DEVIL?”

(04) Wish I could hug You-One Last Time

I still remember those nights,When you taught me what’s wrong and what’s right.I still remember that picnic spot,When we laughed out loud and drank Scotch.I still remember those PTM days,When you scolded the teacher instead no matter whatever she said,I would never wash the dishes or clean the house,But would help pa to catch thatContinue reading “(04) Wish I could hug You-One Last Time”

(02) Faded Feelings

They were so different,yet they were close.There was an unintentional connection,that somehow faded with time,and the reasons are yet to be know.There was a soul who dealt,and a heart who never felt.There was a person who never knew,the catastrophic consequences definitely not few.…Day by day they went down,Into that solemnly silent unfamiliar sound. ~Khushi GargContinue reading “(02) Faded Feelings”

(01) Overthinking?!

When I sit to think,My heart sinks.My mind starts to ponder,about the things I never wanna wonder.Those voices I still hear,My inside, which they are going to tear,My brain, it starts to shout,My pain I wish I could pour it out. ~Khushi Garg As empty as a desert… If you enjoyed this post don’t forgetContinue reading “(01) Overthinking?!”

What writing means to me?

Writing means something to everyone and it means a world to me, it means expressing myself in ways I could never speak out. It means, letting my imagination run wild and free with no one there to judge me for being ME. Because, perhaps writing is a way of listening to the shapeless silence within.Continue reading “What writing means to me?”