(04) Wish I could hug You-One Last Time

I still remember those nights,When you taught me what’s wrong and what’s right.I still remember that picnic spot,When we laughed out loud and drank Scotch.I still remember those PTM days,When you scolded the teacher instead no matter whatever she said,I would never wash the dishes or clean the house,But would help pa to catch that fat mouse. You both promised you would stay,At least see … Continue reading (04) Wish I could hug You-One Last Time

(02) Faded Feelings

They were so different,yet they were close.There was an unintentional connection,that somehow faded with time,and the reasons are yet to be know.There was a soul who dealt,and a heart who never felt.There was a person who never knew,the catastrophic consequences definitely not few.…Day by day they went down,Into that solemnly silent unfamiliar sound. ~Khushi Garg There are a lot of people who suddenly play an … Continue reading (02) Faded Feelings