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The topics I occasionally write about goes in this area. The current topics include Art and Craft, Blogger’s Diary, deep talks and Quotes. With time this area will also expand.

1) Art and Craft

For many people art is a source of livelihood and I respect that, but for me, it’s a hobby and I am not too involved in this field. Here it includes some random and free style piece of my work which might or might not be appealing to eyes. Hope you like my blunders!

2) Blogger’s Diary

As the name suggests, this is like my diary or a journal and do not include things that can be considered as “personal”. It includes some small events in my life, my views regarding those and what’s going on with me in general. It also includes some my blogging milestones and experiences as a blogger.

3) Quotes

This includes quotes written by myself or the ones that I stumbled upon on the web.

4) Deep Talks

Here I have talked about some major events that happened, decisions I made and thoughts I have had over a period of time. It has quite deeper insight in my thought process, so if you are a psychologist searching for a ‘subject’, this is where you need to go!

Feel free to drop your suggestions and views in the comments section. 🙂

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