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Top 10 Free Websites That You Should Know

Do you also want a one stop location of all the lesser known free designing websites? If yes, you are at the right place!  The growth of social media, which is highly driven by increasing mobile phone usage, can be held responsible for the need of digital marketing. People are now shifting their focus toContinue reading “Top 10 Free Websites That You Should Know”

1337 likes, a milestone? Why not wait for 2000 or 5000?

I got 1337 likes!! Yayy!! But wait.. why 1337? I always got badges of 10,20,100 or 1000 likes that is in multiples of 10 but why did they gave me a badge of 1337 likes? Is this some kind of a joke?

Ever cared about the overall outlook of your website?

I recently decided to reorganize my website and I also visited the home pages of some different types blogs for reference and came up a few conclusions. WordPress offers a lot of amazing website development features even in free mode. The presentation, appearance and organisation of your website totally depends upon you.