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The Truth – A Short Story

PROMT – “She showed up at his office, bruised and covered in blood.” Varun was mindlessly working on his laptop and heard a faint groan, which slowly became prominent. He looked up and saw Garima hobbling in her office, located right in front of his. He forgot everything and ran towards her. He was horrifiedContinue reading “The Truth – A Short Story”

2021-A year at glance!

I just realised that 2021 in going to end in less than 24 hours and i want to end this year on a happy-blog-stats note. Hence, a post. It all started in January 2021, when I had board exams and entrances on my head, we went out for wedding celebrations (not mine though) and enjoyedContinue reading “2021-A year at glance!”

“Perhaps I don’t want to fit in” – Prompt

The world is not a fairytale you wanted it to be. How do you expect to fit in when you haven’t encountered even a 2% of the REAL people. “Perhaps I don’t wanna fit in, may be I just wanna create my own little fantasy n never leave my cocoon”

(12) Fantasy or reality? #Revealed

This post is based on some possible interpretations of the poem I wrote; “Fantasy or Reality”. Click here to read the poem. Overall summary of story- The poem is about a girl who met with some kind of accident and went into deep unconsciousness state caused by severe injuries commonly called coma, could hear theContinue reading “(12) Fantasy or reality? #Revealed”

(10) It all Counts

There are flowers that bloom,And flowers that don’t.But all of them were given a seed,of there own. The life we live,And the love we get. The people we meet,And the family we neglect. The friends we curse,And fiends we cherish. The problems we face,And the faces we have. It all matters in the end,As theContinue reading “(10) It all Counts”

(09) Journey

We are on a journey,to a place,That will alwaystreat us as guests,That’s why,the life is about,this Journey,And not about thatultimate success. ~Khushi Garg It’s all about moving on. In life wherever we reach, we can’t just stop there forever, whatever phase we are in, it has to pass on. Even if we got our dreamContinue reading “(09) Journey”

(08) Why chose a DEVIL?

Why beat every animal and slaughter it down,Why rape every other girland snatch her crown.Why feed cracker to a motherand burst her mouth,Why kill only your daughter,before she’s actually out.You were sent by an angel,why your deeds are evil,When you can be anything in this world,Why only chose a devil? ~Khushi Garg Some people mightContinue reading “(08) Why chose a DEVIL?”

(07) Choices

It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Albus Dumbledore ‘Cause in the end,It’s all about the path we take,The priorities we have,And the choices we make. ~Khushi Garg Thank you for reading. Hope you like it! Don’t forget to comment down you opinions as I love to readContinue reading “(07) Choices”

(05) May be…

You act as if you were sleeping,But may be you were weeping.You ask everyone not to poke,In your life which is may be a mere joke. Look the person in the pane,Who seems so helpless and vain.All the incidents that made you cry,You have well kept, but do you know why?You know you were upset,ButContinue reading “(05) May be…”

7 Quotes to inspire you to “Be Yourself”

No one knows youself better than you. In order to be able to make honest connection and real relationships, you need to love the flawed and imperfect person you are, because the people who actually care won’t leave and the people who don’t, doesn’t matter. Live your story the way it should be lived, withoutContinue reading “7 Quotes to inspire you to “Be Yourself””