2021-A year at glance!

I just realised that 2021 in going to end in less than 24 hours and i want to end this year on a happy-blog-stats note. Hence, a post. It all started in January 2021, when I had board exams and entrances on my head, we went out for wedding celebrations (not mine though) and enjoyedContinue reading “2021-A year at glance!”

How I Decorated!!

It had been quite some time since Diwali season got over and I have already posted some blog posts related to it, and this is going to be my last one. I wanted to share the decorations that we did (that is, in my family). I thought I wouldn’t flaunt those over social media butContinue reading “How I Decorated!!”

5 Amazing things to do this Diwali

The ban on fire crackers sale in Delhi still rests in place but do not get your hopes down because the festival of lights is about celebrations and you can enjoy it even better and greener ways!! Since time in memorial, we have celebrated this day by bursting crackers and firing sky shots, but weContinue reading “5 Amazing things to do this Diwali”

Holi – The festival of Colours and Good over evil.

What’s your favourite festival? Mine is HOLI!! I love the part when we all play with colours and coloured water! We throw water ballons at each other and sometimes muddy water (just for fun), some people even throw eggs and other stuff! I don’t know why! Well, let’s know more about Holi. What is Holi?Continue reading “Holi – The festival of Colours and Good over evil.”

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