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Dang it! It was my one year WordPress anniversary yesterday! I just saw that achievement thing I received earlier! I thought that I started this blog in March! 🤔 May be I created the site on 19th Feb and posted my first blog post in March. Yes that’s possible! Honestly, I don’t have any wordsContinue reading “Anniversary?!”

This shall never pass

Sometimes, we want something so bad that we imagine a whole scenario of life after we have achieved it. We try to not get our hopes high but still we are unable to look at the other side of it. We are bound to face rejection. No matter how much we have prepared or prayed,Continue reading “This shall never pass”

Is this the college life I want?

Hey guys! I am back with another post and I just wanted to talk about my current college life and how it’s treating me. (Do read till end, you’ll witness how my life changed in an hour) So basically my college life revolves around 45-50 whatsapp groups and 9 Google classroom. My screen time isContinue reading “Is this the college life I want?”

Blogger’s Diary #4- A Monthly Recap

For the people who are wondering what is this “Blogger’s Diary”, I am here to explain. I started this section in March 2021(when I started this blog) to post achievements, nominations, re-posts or even some aspects of my life as a blogger and hence I named it blogger’s diary. These were some of my latestContinue reading “Blogger’s Diary #4- A Monthly Recap”

2021-A year at glance!

I just realised that 2021 in going to end in less than 24 hours and i want to end this year on a happy-blog-stats note. Hence, a post. It all started in January 2021, when I had board exams and entrances on my head, we went out for wedding celebrations (not mine though) and enjoyedContinue reading “2021-A year at glance!”

The Liebster Award

Hey guys. Merry Christmas everyone.🎅🎄 Hope you all are doing great. This is a fun post where I have answered some entertaining questions and have revealed interesting facts about myself. If in case anyone is wondering- Liebster is a German word that means dearest. I was nominated for “The Liebster Award” by Aayushi. (More thanContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

1337 likes, a milestone? Why not wait for 2000 or 5000?

I got 1337 likes!! Yayy!! But wait.. why 1337? I always got badges of 10,20,100 or 1000 likes that is in multiples of 10 but why did they gave me a badge of 1337 likes? Is this some kind of a joke?

Ever cared about the overall outlook of your website?

I recently decided to reorganize my website and I also visited the home pages of some different types blogs for reference and came up a few conclusions. WordPress offers a lot of amazing website development features even in free mode. The presentation, appearance and organisation of your website totally depends upon you.

Blogger’s Diary #3 : Thank you so much!!

I started this blog in March 2021 to post the poems I wrote and to express my views, and to be honest I never thought people would actually read those. In fact, I was elated when I received 10 likes and a comment on my first post.

Exams postponed!?

I just can’t now!! Can you imagine, like being in the same grade for more than one and a half year and then also you don’t have any idea what’s going on?! Now it has been decided that government will think if exams will be conducted or not after 1st June. According to me theyContinue reading “Exams postponed!?”