Leaf Printing Became Disaster – Expectation vs Reality

Pinterest can be really inspiring sometimes, but those perfectly edited videos always fail to mention potential risks involved. I mean a lot of things could go wrong, even while painting with leaves.

I saw a beautiful and aesthetic kind of leaf painting on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I went to the park and found a castor plant, also known as arandi in Hindi.

Photo: Wikipedia-Castor Plant

First of all I didn’t know which side to apply paint on and it created quite a mess. I chose a side and started to apply paint. I could not set up the consistency of paint and ended up ruining my hands.

Everything went fine and then something happened.. my hand hit the water container and it fell over my painting.


Beautiful easy leaf Printing
Photo : Pinterest- Leaf Printing

Reality –

Ruined bad leaf printing
My 1st attempt

Reality can get really messy sometimes but we just need to keep trying. Right!? So I gave another try.

My 2nd attempt

Even the 2nd one didn’t turn out as expected.

I showed this to my father and he smiled. He said that one should do whatever one feels like in the moment, and I agreed with him.

It’s better to try and fail than regret not trying at all.

I still didn’t give up, though, I got bored and went for a walk. I am going to try something of this sought again with a different type of leaf and more vibrant colours later..

Thank you for checking it out. If you think I should try something else do tell me in the comments section.

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