DIY Beautiful and Simple Water Candles

Don’t want to use wax and still wonder if you can make your own candles in just few minutes? Definitely you CAN, with water!

DIY water candles

Material Required

  • Oil (Preferably Mustard or olive oil)
  • Cotton Wicks
  • Glass Jar
  • Thin plastic sheets

For decoration you can use food colour, shells, marbles, flowers, glitters, beads or even orbeez balls. (Just make sure whatever you use, doesn’t float on water, like leaves or flower petals.)


1. Fill your candle jar with water (leave some space for oil) and add your decoration material.

Diy flower water candles
Flowers and white beads in water
Water candles
Orbeez in Water

3. Place a small piece of plastic sheet on the water layer.

4. Slowly pour mustard oil in the same jar so that layers of water and oil are distinct.

5. Dip a cotton wick in mustard oil separately then slowly place it on the plastic sheet in the jar.

4. Light the wick and your candle is ready!

DIY water candles
Beautiful Water Candles are ready!!
DIY Water candles
Flower water candle.

It’s time to decorate your home with these beautiful hand-made water candles!!

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