Procrastination didn’t stop me, fear of failure did.

It took 7 entrance exams for me to realise that the fact “it’s difficult” and the fact “you know you might not achieve it”, should not stop you from trying. It should not stop you from giving your best.

I had nothing to lose but I was afraid so I did not give my 100%. I gave up too early while preparing for previous exams.

CLAT, one of the most important law exam is in two days and I am still afraid but at least now I am trying.

Somewhere I know I might not be selected because I wasn’t consistent earlier, also I attempted a mock recently and scored 45 out of 150 while at least 90 is required.

Procrastination didn’t stop me, fear of failure did.

I thought faliure would bring embarrassment (yes it does) and I thought I don’t deserve it or no matter how much I try, I won’t achieve it or may be it’s not meant for me.

Hence, I tried to seek validation for my fear, for my inablity to TRY. I tried to distract myself with short term pleasures by social media or watching Netflix series and movies.

I won’t lie, I do regret it a bit. But at least I more or less know what to persue, as earlier chosing the path was itself a task.

When you are unable to achieve something you desired, you try to justify it to the other people but what you fail to realise is, that at the end it’s all about YOU.”

I don’t want give excuses to myself, nor should anyone else. I don’t want to disappoint my family who have expectations from me..

I don’t even feel like sharing this with people anymore because I have tried earlier and they don’t seem to understand or even if they do, I am unaware of what I want them to respond.

Irony right?! “I can’t tell it to anyone so I would post it on internet for everyone to read”

Fear of failure, failure, fear, anxiety, depression
This seems true!!

Is “fear of failure” even a real thing?!

Well, fear of falling asleep (called Somniphobia) exists! This MUST be a thing.

PS : I just checked, it IS a thing…

Extreme fear of failure is called atychiphobia. (This deserves some more research and I would be happy to volunteer for the work after 3 days!!)

Till then stay safe and try to either leave or solve your prolems just don’t live with them. I’ll try the same. 😉


29 thoughts on “Procrastination didn’t stop me, fear of failure did.

  1. There was this quote from The Dark knight rises(Similar to that)-
    “Fear is imp. Fear of failure is imp.”
    Without fear, we stop caring about our goals.

    There’s too much motivation out there & here. Too many suggestions.
    What’s important is that~ If the individual seeks interest in what he wanna accomplish.

    All the very best for your exams.
    And, try Black pepper instead of “Dahi cheeni” before leaving for the exam…

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  2. It is real! And I think those don’t have a fear of failure are negligible in number, so you are definitely not alone. What matters is that we learn from our failures and try to get better, right? Good luck on your CLAT exam 🙂

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  3. Well atleast you tried and that’s a start. You know humans are meant to fail, but not every single time. That’s what makes us try even harder the next time. Wish you all the best for your exam. Give your best effort and I’m sure it will be worth it. Take care ❤

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  4. Hi Khushi, first of all good luck to your CLAT exams. Erase your fearful thoughts n give your best. Rest is all upto prayers to God. I just remembered this quote: best suits to your situation

    “Imaginary fear is more dangerous than real experience”

    It’s hell n it may kill mentally, I have traveled thru it numerous times n failed in Group 1, 2&4 exams, so not to imagine much just be confident. You have that potential 👍 Stay blessed n good luck once again dear one.

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  5. Fear of failure is so common to all of us. But I encourage you to not give up!! Stay positive, You can and you will. Everything comes from within, if you believe you can then you surely CAN!!! All the very best for your exams. Do not fear, all is well. ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Getting failed is what humans do. Its a universal human trait. Fear of faliure is common, I’d be surprised if someone not.
    You’re not the only one who feels like this.
    But keep trying something every day is the key to open paths, including some unexpected paths.

    Just don’t lower your expectations to fit into the world.

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  7. I had a friend many years ago who suffered from somniphobia, it ruined her health. Yes indeed don’t live with your fears. Besides, one never knows what might happen, you aim one way and life takes you in another. Lots of doors.

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  8. About school exams there aren’t anything easy, and requires study, rest and not dwell on things you know, but on the things that aren’t your strong suit. I learned early on that 3/4 fourths of exams are reading comprehension and I would read and reread the content over and over again to know the answers to the questions, and my sister advised me to read the possible answers first and when I read the content, the same thing I read in the answers and saw it again in the content was the right answer to that particular question and I aced every such exam, but math is an exact science and there are no shorts cuts and is to be studied more! Also, a student must not let test nerves get the best of them and have confidence and if not you will get wrong answers the things you know. Stay the course and you will be successful in ever level of school!

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