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Writer’s block is weird!

Writer’s block is a situation (primarily associated with writing) in which an author is unable to produce new work or undergoes a creative slowdown.

Writer's block, no ideas, writing,

I think I am officially under the spell of this thing. I used to think that ‘Writer’s block’ kind of thing is fake or unreal or not possible.

Why would a person be so blank and be unable to think of anything to write! There’s so much write about. Why not make a list of topics?

Honestly, I had these thoughts when I posted the previous blog post, that was more than a week ago.

Since then I have been unable to think of any topic to pen down my thoughts on.

I occasionally write poems but I didn’t feel like writing any.  So I went online and searched ‘ Why can’t I think of anything to write on?’ And quite a lot of sites used the term “Writer’s block”.

I don’t know if this is actually the scenario with me or just some lack of interest.

I don’t even know if this is a point of worry because my entrance tests are quite near and they are a major point of worry right now. I hope I get over my temporary laziness of boredom soon.


Well..I just thought something off the topic, I got some ideas to share while writing the post about being unable to think of anything to write. Irony at its peak!😂

Minions, fun, enjoy , GIF, shout gif, shouting happy ,

What if I share the interesting GK facts that I learn in my classes?

Also, I think I am quite interested in pursuing law and I wish I get admission in some decent university. So I think I could share some  interesting legal terms or maxims or words that I have learnt so far.

Oh! And there can be weekly simple and fun English quizzes.

So yeah I have some ideas but now I only got to execute them!

Current Scenario

Recently I submitted  two of my poetries i.e. Why chose a devil? And The Society , for an anthology. I got the offer via instagram and to be honest I don’t really know when it’s going to be published.

Let’s see what happens because this month I’ll be engrossed in my exams and their preparations.

And thanks a million tons for 200 followers!!



45 thoughts on “Writer’s block is weird!

  1. Congratulations on the 200 followers- I’m sure you’ll have many more in no time! Unfortunately, writers block is very real and most writers experience it from time to time.

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  2. Congratulations on 200!♥️ Cheers to the many more to come!
    Writer’s block is something I can relate to, at times I can finish 3 whole posts in one sitting and at times I can barely get through a paragraph, or even plan out content for that matter. I would suggest you have a pre planned list of ideas, whenever you come up with an idea write it down somewhere, it’ll help!♥️♥️

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  3. And in a away – you have by writing this, beaten the block, almost a homeopathic method of self-treatment. I wish you well in your course search, exciting and daunting at the same time.

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    1. I think so too, may be writing about how you are feeling helps in beating the creative slowdown. At least it worked for me.
      And Thank you for your well wishes..they really motivate me!!☺️

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  4. Oh dear, I am going through the same for the last few days. The writer’s block is damn true!! I’ve been there twice or thrice and it’s very normal thing that many of the writers face. Even my last post was about that. Do not worry… May be take a break, concentrate on studies. And come back with a bang. 😄😄

    Congratulations on your 200 followers! 🥳🥳 Here’s to wish you many more… ❤️❤️

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    1. yes that’s right!!! Writer’s block is not permanent, it’ll pass, you’ll just have to clear your mind from unimportant stuff first and set your priorities.
      Like right now, my priority is to focus on exams so I should not be thinking about writing another post.
      Hope you are able to get over your slowdown.☺️
      And thank you so very much for such lovely wishes!!❤️

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  5. “WRITER’S BLOCK”? So that’s the thing I’ve been going through.
    Congrats Khushi for hitting 200! follows.
    Hope you break the shackles of writer’s block and come up with an excellent post.
    Have a wonderful time ahead.

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  6. 1 of my gifts to write is I’ve never experienced writer’s block, but I’ve talked to others who had, and from what I observed of those who professed writer’s block are: They had too many things on their mind contributing to their not being able to write anything new, some had school studies on their plate, others going through a broken heart because love went astray, and too many caught up in procrastination, but what I do know about continuous writing new ideas you must on that uppermost on your mind; because you can have only 1 thing on your mind at a time never two!

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    1. You have a gift of writing because honestly, anything you right seems like a poetry to me. And well, as I said my exams are going on, so I think my studies and other related things might be a hindrance for my creativity. Once everything gets back to normal, I’ll be back with more ideas!


      1. I have other writings in my books not of poetry, but my mission here,my goal was to be purely poetic and that mission is all most over and I will move on to promoting my soon to be published book and one will be off the press very soon!

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      2. To be able to complete your mission is a great accomplishment!!
        And congratulations for your book!! I’ll be looking forward to it and hope it publishes soon and becomes a great success!!


      3. Thank you creative young lady going to success and a good-better-best life in the pursuit of attaining your goals!!!!

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  7. First, congratulations on your 200 followers, dear Khushi!!! Second, preparation for exams is a demanding and often daunting preoccupation of ones mind. Third, perhaps the “writer’s block” has already dissipated, as you’ve now sited several topical areas of interest to consider. Best wishes on your exams, my friend ~ looking forward to your creative posts, in due time 😍

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    1. Thank you so much! Although I now have some ideas about posts and other stuff but i think i should focus on exams, and you have motivated me study even harder.
      Thank you again for your heartwarming wishes.❣️

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