Ever cared about the overall outlook of your website?

I recently decided to reorganise my website and I also visited the home pages of some different types blogs for reference and came up a few conclusions.

Appearance and Presentation

WordPress offers a lot of amazing website development features even in free mode. The presentation, appearance and organisation of your website totally depends upon you.

WordPress, laptop, aesthetic, diary with coffee cup, features of wordpress

Here, I am not taking about the content of your blog posts, I am talking about the outlook of your site and surprisingly, you do not require a paid version or the business plan to create an attractive one!

Sample presentation-

Below are the images of the home page of my own website ‘justwritrist.wordpress.com‘ that I recently customized and would like to display as sample-

Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen
Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen
Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen
Writrist, blog, wordpress, amazing website development features, the shared pen

Well, How was it? Did you like it?

And Guess what? I did not pay a single penny to develope this much! Cool isn’t it?

(Also, There are a lot of amazing websites that are far better than this one but I can’t display them due to copy right claims.)

Why does ‘presentation’ matter?

Although, the content of your posts that you offer, matters the most to your followers but what about the people who are not on wordpress and randomly stumbled upon your website? For those people, the orientation and appearance would matter. 

Is this really necessary?

To be honest, I have seen a lot of bloggers who deliver amazing content, even have over 1k wordpress followers and do not bother to edit different pages of their websites or pay attention to it. (but they also post consistently, i.e. at least once in two days)

Some people would even call it as ‘unnecessary decoration’ but by the end it’s completely your choice of how you want to present your work.

Think, bulb, think drawing, simple

I personally think organising is essential, and it would help to improve the reach of the website. Although it might not give results instantly, but in long run it will prove to be beneficial.

What are the features that WordPress offers for free?

Savings, money, free, piggy bank
Save your money for now and first explore it!
  • There are hundreds of themes you can choose from,
  • You can create categories to organise your posts,
  • Add various types of widgets,
  • Apply tags and,
  • Create pages and add them to your menu.

All these features can be accessed from the appearance section of your website.

Right now, I won’t go in deatails about how to access those features. If you want I could write separate, step by step posts for that.

Important Note-

Notepad, note
  1. If you are planning to earn or become a full time blogger, I would recommend you to use the paid version, but before that do understand the basic features offered in free version also. 
  2. I use WordPress.com and NOT WordPress.org
  3. I’ll try to share all the lesser know features offered to a user even in free mode.


27 thoughts on “Ever cared about the overall outlook of your website?

  1. Wow, I’ve never paid much attention to the aesthetics of the main page. What I use is usually from the template with minimum adjustment. LOL. What you said is so true that without attention to such basic things, the overall effect of the blog may suffer. The thing is I simply don’t have the time to take care of different things. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have seen a lot of websites, and I personally think that your looks great.
      Paying attention to small things can be imp. to stand out.
      And yes it requires a LOT of time! I have put hours in selecting a theme and customising it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think that your web site looks wonderful, dear Khushi ~ your content is terrific, and you’ve presented it in a well organized and aesthetic manner. Thank you for sharing information about your site & WordPress. My site also has a free theme, and I frequently use the free “Patterns” blocks to format my posts. Happy blogging, and best wishes moving forward 😊🌹


  3. I’m a developer by profession(still student).
    I can move to wordpress.org for my blogs in no time. But, the only reason I don’t is that I’ve many other projects to work on including academics. It takes time.
    However, with wordpress.org you’ won’t have to pay a penny for plugins and putting ads on your website.
    You described very well @Khushi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I realised WordPress.org is better than wordpress.com quite late, I thought of shifting but tbh it would be quite a task for me and I also have academics to focus so I think I would do that later on.
      And thank you for appreciation! Since that’s Coming from a developer, I might even say I am flattered! 😁✌️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My insta account is private and besides I don’t use it anymore.
      I am active on Twitter so if you feel like, you can always reach out there.
      Twitter id : @Phoebe_buffaye
      Thank you. 😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am active on Twitter and Pintrest and do not have fb id.
        You should definitely try it out, its great!
        Umm.. for that you can tell me your id, I would give you a follow from mine, because even though I am not active there, I still have an insta id.

        Liked by 1 person

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