(13) The Society

Society, hands, colour, equality

You arrived in my world,
I welcome you with open hands,
I’ll announce your birth with music and bands,
but only if you came as a man.
Everyone’s equal, you aren’t a superior,
but please understand if you turn out to be some inferior.
Your colour, your caste, your race, your creed,
they wouldn’t matter when you’re born,
But be careful, they might kill you or leave you completely torn.
Always spend your life with whom- ever you want,
But make sure it’s one of those whom I approve of.
At least your life is precious,
But I can take it whenever I feel judicious.
I am someone you yourself brought,
Remember me?
I am The society,
A result of your own thoughts.

~Khushi Garg

I also wrote a similar post highlighting such mentality of the society, “Different is Beautiful”. Read it here if you haven’t!

Also, Comment down what you think about this poem. Your views are always welcome. 🙂

49 thoughts on “(13) The Society

    1. That’s the society we live in! We are always frustrated about the rules but end up in pain because there is not we can do.
      Thank you for taking out time to read and sharing your views! I am glad you liked it!


  1. Love the last two lines–I am the prejudice which has so far become your own self censure. Fighting can be hard when all the ideas, customs, loves are entangled together, but we try our best.

    Liked by 1 person

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