Blogger’s Diary #3 : Thank you so much!!

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I started this blog in March 2021 to post the poems I wrote and to express my views, and to be honest I never thought people would actually read those.

In fact, I was elated when I received 10 likes and a comment on my first post.

Now, I got this notification of 1000 likes and 150 followers; and I am quite thankful for the support.

Although, this might be just next to nothing for most of you here😅 but it feels like an achievement to me.

Looking at the other socia media platforms I anticipated that I might face some criticism and hate but y’all are actually quite sweet and polite. WordPress is like a family I never had.

Thank you again for all the support and wonderful views.



80 thoughts on “Blogger’s Diary #3 : Thank you so much!!

    1. To be honest, i also recently started so I don’t have a lot of ideas about that. But I think apna post karne ke sath sath you need to take a look at the sites of other bloggers also, like, follow, comment, if you want others to read your blog, you should read their also.
      Use the feature of tags and if you use languages like hindi then I think try to provide English translations as well, because sabko hindi nahi aati.
      And a lot of bloggers with huge following have shared their experiences and they were a great help, so you can read that also.


  1. Congratulations Khushi for your 1000 likes..🎉🎉 It is a great achievement. Many more to come💜💜. Thank you for stopping by to my post. 😇🙏🏻. Loved your poems 💜 You’re a gem 💝

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes and motivating words ❣️
      (Well..I write what just randomly comes to my mind.. and I am quite glad that some of it makes sense😅)
      Thank you again ❤️😇

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  2. That’s a wonderful achievement ~ Congratulations, dear Khushi 👏👏✨✨ I always enjoy reading your poetry & insights, and wish you all the best looking ahead 😊🤗💖

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