(12) Fantasy or Reality?

Overthinking, fantasy, depressed, coma, anxiety

She lived within her castle walls,
Safe from the outside world.
One dark night it came,
Caged hair in a big black game,
Now and then she tried to run,
Her brain had felt so numb.
She heard them,
They cried then.
She yelled out,
But they couldn’t hear her shout.
She tried to break the chain,
But all went in vain.
Now, one fine day she stood,
Ran faster than she ever could.
It let her escape,
That once closed gate.
She couldn’t open her eyes,
‘Cause everything was so bright.
As she now saw the sunlight,
After years of sleeping tight.

~Khushi Garg

Reality is fantasy for those who haven’t experienced it, and fantasy is reality for those who believe in it. 

Khushi Garg

I wrote this poem almost 18 months ago while I was listening to a song named “Lily” by Alan Walker. The poem is similar to the song but the idea of the story here, is different.

I have my own interpretation or idea about the poem, you might have a different one.

Comment down what you think it’s about it or what it conveys, it could be something deep or simple (doesn’t matter). Check out my idea or perspective here. 🙂


21 thoughts on “(12) Fantasy or Reality?

  1. “Reality is fantasy for those who haven’t experienced it, and fantasy is reality for those who believe in it”First of all I liked your meaningful quote a lot,Khushi !In the quest to decipher/decode the idea your poem conveyed,I listened to the song ‘LILY’ by Alan Walker-Lily was a little girl afraid of the big wide world.The song was so very sonorous to the ears with beautifuly lines!Your poem is indeed beatifully penned!No wild guesses while I will prefer to wait for “your interpretation of the essence of the poem”! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my poem and expressing your views.
      And you can have wild guesses as I don’t think the poem is as complex as the song😅
      Also my interpretation is also coming soon!

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  2. As soon as I read the first line, I could relate that I had listened it somewhere. Than read till the end , and I became confident that it was “Lily was a little girl, afraid of the big, wide world” Thanks for writing your version of it Khushi!

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