Exams Cancelled & I binge watched shows!

Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope everyone’s great!

So, 17 years of my schooling suddenly ended on a random Tuesday night and last 14 months of my life were simply declared a total waste. 

“CBSE board exams got cancelled due to the covid outbreak.”

Am I devastated? Naahh.

Did I want those exams? Partially yes.

Does the decision of cancellation affect my life? May be yes but I don’t know right now.

I remember studying really hard in 1st half of April and dropping everything in the 2nd half because they got postponed. I kind of wanted to give the exams, but then I also wanted to stay healthy, so I have mixed opinions.

Well I recently finished binge  watching a famous American television sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory” and it’s amazing! You should definitely watch it, if you haven’t. I almost died laughing at some points.

Now I gotta start preparations for various universities’ entrance exams and two of which are scheduled on 19th and 27th June.

Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say hello to you all, since it has been quite a long time!


16 thoughts on “Exams Cancelled & I binge watched shows!

    1. May be the ones who haven’t watched it yet😂😅.. well anyways The show is amazing and I just love it!!
      Thank you for your wonderful views! 😁☺️


    1. I never had this attitude from the start but a lot has happened since last 2 years and now the fact that my family, friends and I are safe and healthy is kind of enough.
      And yes that show has got my heart!❤️
      Thank you for reading!

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