Astronomy Day

What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.

Isaac Newton

Choose one- Moon or Stars?

I once saw a sky full of stars and it was beautiful!I could even spot 3-4 constellations. Knowing about stars is also more interesting than Moon, so personally, I choose stars!

Captured by Hooman_aesthete

In 1973, Doug Berger, president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California, had organised the celebration of first Astronomy Day. The idea behind observing the day was to create awareness and educate people about the beautiful and vast universe.

Most of the people are aware of the idea of the outer space, the planets, solar system, stars, moon, comets, meteors etc. But what the scientists have been able to discover till date is only 5% of the whole universe! 95% is still left!

So, recently I started reading about concepts such as black hole, dark matter, dark energy, stars, parallel universe, worm hole, big bang at etc and to be honest, I find all this quite interesting.

Let’s take a simple example-

1) Expanding Universe-

It has been proved that the universe is currently expanding. Millions of years from now there can be posiblites,

  1. The universe could go on expanding and gradually would fade away making everything just a mist of cold particles.
  2. The expansion of universe would slow down due to gravitational force and it will start pulling till everything contracts.
  3. The universe would work like heart beat rhythm. It would exapnd, shrink and then expand again.

Well, all of these are again, just theories.

2) Aliens –

Similarly, many people have claimed that they have seen Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), and many of those claims have been proved, so that would mean aliens exist and have also visited our planet!

There are hundreds of theories and thousands of un-aswered questions!

Many movies such as Interstellar, Coherence (based on parallel universe), The Fourth Kind (Based on true alien abduction case) and many more have also been made.

I’ll try to write about the various theories on different topics once I am myself done with the research. This was just a small introduction!

QOTD : Do you believe in existence of aliens?

Comment down your thoughts and views about the different mysteries and tell me if I should write about my research.



28 thoughts on “Astronomy Day

  1. It is indeed a fascinating subject matter, dear Khushi ~ thanks for sharing your wonderful & informative post 👍 I’m always amazed when reminded that some of the starlight within our range of observation emanates from stars no longer in existence; that is, that only now the light from an extinct star is reaching us. As you note, our understanding is only 5% of the whole universe. In our pursuit to further understand these mysteries, we can be sure that many great and transformational discoveries will unfold over time. Have a nice weekend, my friend 😊🌹

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are right, all these mysteries are a matter of amazement, The stars no longer being in existence, the idea of dark matter and black hole, all require a great deal of research. I myself have some of my own theories about black holes!

      Liked by 1 person

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