I Am Malala (Book Review)

  • Title : I Am Malala
  • Author : Malala Yousafzai (with Christina Lamb)
  • Genre :  Autobiography
  • Language : English
  • No. Of pages : 288

The importance of our voices is realised only when someone tries to silence it.

QOTD: What is the most inspiring book you have read?

‘I Am Malala’ was the first autobiography I read and it was definitely an inspiring one.

Overall Summary-

Malala was a young, muslim girl who lived in Swat Valley in Pakistan along with her parents and two younger brothers.

Her father started a school from scratch in their town Mingora. Her mother, who was illiterate, had realised the need to be educated.

Malala lead a simple  untill the Taliban had spread their roots in Pakistan. Music, dance and television were banned. Western Education was considered un-Islamic and women were not allowed to show their faces. People were beaten up or killed for minute mistakes. Meanwhile, Malala, for whom, school was a home and education was the main priority, went against the Taliban and gave many interviews. She later started a secret blog for BBC as ‘Gul Makai’ discribing the situations.

She had read about terrorism many times but felt it for the first time. 

“Terrorism is fear all around you. It’s going to sleep at night and not knowing what horrors  the next day will bring. It’s walking on your own street and not knowing whom to trust. Terrorism is the fear that when your father walks out of the door in the morning, he won’t come back at night.”

Malala and her father were determined to continue the school and her education despite getting death threats.

A conversation between Malala and her father-

“Are you scared now?” I asked.
At night the fear is strong, Jani,’ he said. ‘But in the morning, in the light, we find our courage again.’

In 2012, she was 15 when she was shot 3 times in head for speaking agaist Taliban. She became a sensation, they tried to silence one voice and millions rose. She spoke at UN and used Malala Fund for promoting education in many countries after she recovered.

All she wanted and prayed for was peace and education for all and was later awared nobel peace price. 

Speech of Malala
A snippet of Malala’s speech at UN

Was her childhood snatched due to all the campaign work? Many people had asked. The children who are forced to work in industries to earn a living and are unable to get their education are the ones whose childhoods are snatched, she just worked for a better life for them – Malala always replied.

‘So, yes, the Taliban have shot me. But they can only shoot a body. They cannot shoot my dreams, they cannot kill my beliefs and they cannot stop my campaign to see every girl and every boy in school.’

What can you learn?

This book was an eye opener about the conditions of women and education in various parts of the world. Malala’s family was her strength who supported her in this journey otherwise there are millions of women who are left uneducated because their family does not feel the need of it.

There are many communities that are born in slums, raised in garbage and die while working in hazardous industries.

We all are privileged to be educated, to have means to spread our ideas and thoughts freely and to be able to connect with the world.

This world is full of problems; hunger, unemplyoment, child labour, poverty, animal abuse, corruption, crimes discrimination, pollution, illiteracy, you name it and it exists, but you can’t look at statistics and feel pity, you need to work hard to come out with a  solution oriented approach.

But I ain’t Malala or Mandela or Mother Teresa, what can I do?!’

You come up with an eco-friendly startup and you have found a small solution for working towards for almost half of those problems! It all starts with an idea, a choice and a will to make this world a better place to live.

If Malala wanted to, she could have lived happily in England, her father became a consultant at UN, so she didn’t have to worry; but she still worked for the cause and that is what makes her different from the rest.

All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

If you are looking for an inspiring book by a woman, go for this one! Comment down and tell me if you have read this book or are going to and are you currently reading any book? If yes which one?

Your opinions are always welcomed!! Don’t forget to share them!!

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20 thoughts on “I Am Malala (Book Review)

  1. That’s an amazing review Khusi. No one can kill the courage of a powerful n self empowered women. Experience is the best education that made her more strong towards her noble cause of education to all children. Excellent. 👍

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  2. To the world MALALA YOUSAFZI is great akin to Matin Luther King, Jr., and
    Nelson Mandela, and I congratsand honor her, and Ms. KHUSHI, and God has blessed you in bliss to be great asweel. You are young, gifted, beautiful in many ways and distined to be great.

    *Priceless Post*

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