(11) Little Things Matter

Many little things count,
And they count till infinity.

In search of something great,
Don’t forget to embrace,
Those little things,
That are still waiting
In a golden crate.

“Happiness is sometimes just a state of mind.” You don’t have to search for it, it might be searching for you. More than 80% of the problems are solved just by laughing them off.

Sometimes we are too busy in searching for ‘real happiness’. Seldom do we realise, there is nothing called ‘real happiness’, we don’t need to be successful or a millonaire to be happy.

Ever seen slum children playing or laughing? Do they have any money or are they successful? No. They might not even have food to eat. But they live in the moment, they are not materialistic and that’s what makes them the happiest.

This happens with everyone, even I tend to lock myself in my room when my exams are near and sometimes it’s necessary but never going out to spend at least half an hour of my day with my family would be wrong. Isn’t it?

For an instance-

A week ago my cousins came over and that too after a long time (because they live quite far). The younger one asked me to play with her and I refused as my class was going on; she came after 2 hours and I still wasn’t willing to play just because I was somehow busy with my phone! She made a puppy face and I had to agree. All four of us (my brother, cousins and I) played a board game for 15 minutes, and trust me, those were the happiest 15 minutes of my day!!

Simple, isn’t it? There is a life beyond social media and it’s far more beautiful.

Tell me a little instances of yours, I would love to read them!! And also drop your views in the comment section.

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24 thoughts on “(11) Little Things Matter

  1. In this race of making it big in today’s world it’s very easy to forget about the small momentary pieces of emotions we experience day to day.
    Well put, Khushi. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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