Exams postponed!?

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I just can’t now!! Can you imagine, like being in the same grade for more than one and a half year and then also you don’t have any idea what’s going on?!

Now it has been decided that government will think if exams will be conducted or not after 1st June.

According to me they should have cancelled the exams and conducted entrance exams for universities. It could be much more convenient for us as well. And could have been a better way out of this mess.

I really can’t tolerate it.. half of my career depends on these exams and it’s really tiring now. I almost gave up everything and went on break to study.

I really think I should start preparing for entrance exams also but there is so much uncertainty.

There is a part of me that thinks that whole of my future and my career is ruined.. nothing can actually happen now and not even government has any solution for the problem. And the other part is quite fine as it saw it comming.

So basically I’ll now have to concentrate on my university entrances as it seems in the end only those are going to matter. But again let’s see what happens.

This situation has also highlighted the hollow system of education of this country, as these exams are given so much importance in the life of a student.. is it just here or is this situation everywhere?

Tell me what’s happening with the education system where you live. Is it also almost destroyed or the government had a solution out of it.


19 thoughts on “Exams postponed!?

  1. Just relax and face it as you should. There is still a long way to go for success in life.
    Having a happy family until old age, educating children to become useful people, moreover can holding grandchildren, is the tremendous successes. What else do you want.

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    1. Moreover there a lot to do between now and getting married to (at least for me). Right now my parents are educating me so that I become something usefull. And having children is NOT the ultimate success.

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  2. Yes I saw the news just yesterday. 10th grade exams are cancelled and that of 12th grade will be decided accordingly after June 1st. I think it’s happening for the first time that the students are eagerly waiting for their exams and the board is just changing directions continuously like a weather clock. But keep patience, hope all will be well soon. By the way I’m a NEET aspirant and have just passed my 11th. Unfortunately I’m also a student under the same board you’re talking about. There’s lot if confusion.. date of exams, syllabus reduction, and many more.. But I can tell confidently they would not cancel the exam of 12th grade probably as it is an important part in the life of a student in a country like India.

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      1. Yes I agree. But in their defense they would say they cannot take the entrances either without the 12th. If they’re changing their mind continuously they should change their rules too. After all there lies no meaning in wasting the time of the students.

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  3. I am so sorry Khushi about your exam situation. What are you hoping to study?
    I think that you should follow the Open University students’ example and learn by yourself, as much as you can. When the time comes, you will know quite a lot.


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    1. Yes that’s an option..but degree by open universities does not have much importance here.. so that’s a distant option. But now I am also deciding to prepare for entrance exams of Universities. So let’s see what happens.

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  4. Don’t get disheartened. You are not alone. Keep reading at your pace. The year 2020 was a colossal waste, and 2021 seems no different. But who knows there may be some opportunity waiting for you. Keep yourself updated and get ready for competitions. All the best!

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