Exam Time!

It’s just been a just month since I started this blog but I have my CBSE exams starting from 4th May so I gotta take a break since I am already hooked to WordPress!! So I gotta go! Not even a month left but there is a lot to prepare!!

The results from these exams would be one of the most important criteria in my life.

The presure is from everywhere! I don’t think I am quite stressed but I am just scared of the uncertainty and also I am not fully prepared as well.

I think I’ll have to study the whole the month like mad men to get some decent percentage. It’s important to get into a good University, and if I don’t get a admission in “good” University, then, baaaammm!! I amma be in an existential crisis (I already am though)

You might occasionally find me reading your posts (cause they are amazing, so, why not) but I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything as such.  I think I might write about my on going condition in the between these months but again those posts are gonna be quite weird😅

By the way, I am currently in 12th standard, I think in other parts it’s called senior high school or high school or junior high school, I don’t have any idea.

And my subjects are-

  • English – that’s manageable
  • Business studies– it’s a lot of theory!
  • Economics– one book is interesting and other is again theory!
  • Accounts – trust me I have improved a lot in this one. I used to hate this subject till last year but I pulled up my socks this time!!😁
  • Mathematics – I used to love maths. But it’s great as long as you continue with the practise. Once you stop, it’s gonna get on your nerves. And I stopped… So yeah.. I am having troubles now.

I don’t think any of you wanted to know my subjects but I just wanted to mention😅

Anyways, I hope to see you all again soon. I promise I’ll be back (beause I kinda like reading and writing blogs)

Till then.. take care, stay safe (pandemic is not over yet) and keep writing!!Au Revoir!!



24 thoughts on “Exam Time!

  1. “Exam time
    the night before is the time to set-control your nerves
    if not during the exam you will get answers wrong
    that you know
    exam bad nerves may cause you to fail a test
    without bad nerves you could have aced with controlled nerve success.”
    _-Van Prince

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      1. When students are being taught right and they have studied dilligent leading up to exams, the night before the exam don’t study but chill; because at this point you either know or you don’t and cramming is counter-productuve to acean exam. Also, when taking written tests to subjects except math-if you read the possible questions first and when you read the story and when you have seen the same question and answer that match that is the right answer to a particular question! Not true with math for it is an exact science with no exceptions!

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      2. Yes to prevent last night pressure a person needs to be prepared… And I like maths.. it’s not easy.. but I just like it sometimes..


    1. Yaa the book about finance and marketing is still interesting but I find the one about environment, principles etc. quite boring😅
      Anyways I’ll have to do it.
      Thank you for best wishes!!

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