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(08) Why chose a DEVIL?

You could be anything.. but you chose a devil!

Why beat every animal
and slaughter it down,
Why rape every other girl
and snatch her crown.
Why feed cracker to a mother
and burst her mouth,
Why kill only your daughter,
before she’s actually out.
You were sent by an angel,
why your deeds are evil,
When you can be anything in this world,
Why only chose a devil?

~Khushi Garg

Some people might be wondering who the hell “feeds a cracker to a mother”. Well, here are your answers. To sum up though… In Kerela (India) a Pregnant elephant died standing in a river after consuming pineapple stuffed with crackers given to her by locals.

The society we live in is full of sins. And the worst part is, people are not ready to realise them. It’s because of those few people, the whole mankind suffers.

“The people who were once afraid of animals have now realised that it’s the man that eats a man. Those mute animals were always innocent.”

It’s really high time that people realise the seriousness of situation. All types of crimes need to be stopped. A lot of things are wrong in the way the all this works.. is there really a way out? Well there has to be.. but what is it?

Hello! Thank you for reading a piece of my mind! Hope you like it!

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34 thoughts on “(08) Why chose a DEVIL?

    1. You’re absolutely right Vignesh! The world we live in is too selfish now.. and those devils will pay back for their deeds one day.
      Thank you reading and sharing your views!❤️❤️


  1. I fully understand your feelings, Khushi. The situation is alarming, no doubt. The lie moves faster than the truth. The poem has come out direct from your heart. But your name is Khushi. Let’s find out some ways how to find and share some light in the form of Khushi despite the shades of darkness around us. Stay blessed.

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  2. Dear Khushi, it is so sad that at such a young age you see only the bad side, and not the good one. Yet, they both exist. While the horrible things happen every day, good ones happen too. There are people volunteering to do wonderful things for, both humans and animals, people who clean the oceans, deserts, and streets, others look after the elderly without families, others save elephants, rhinos, and monkeys, dogs, and cats.
    It is vital that you are highlighting the evil deed, but please, offset this with good ones too.
    Otherwise, you remove all hope for mankind, and that is a bad deed too.


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    1. I absolutely agree with you Joanna, there are people who are working for good causes and there is hope for humanity, but the proportion of people committing heinous crimes have not declined also.
      I live in Delhi, the popular rape capital of the world. As long as one lives with a constant threat of getting raped and killed after stepping out of home, the proportion of “good people” does not matter. And the worst part is sometimes even the police or the “protecters” are not ready to help.
      Moreover, the poem I wrote is based on a question of why those people choose the wrong path. What pleasure do they get? It’s not written from the perspective of highlighting any of the sides.


      1. Going by the world stats delhi should technically not be the rape capital but it’s popularly called so as the current PM of India once declared after the nirbhaya case and other such heinous cases. Also by stats delhi ranked 1st in crimes against women in 2019. Although there was a decline in 2020 but that was observed due to lockdown.


      2. By Hindustan Times in 2020, Delhi observed 1,699 rapes, 2,186 instances of molestation and 65 cases of sexual assault against children, and this was the decreased number. It further said that women in Delhi gets raped every 5 hours.


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