(05) May be…

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You act as if you were sleeping,
But may be you were weeping.
You ask everyone not to poke,
In your life which is may be a mere joke.

Look the person in the pane,
Who seems so helpless and vain.
All the incidents that made you cry,
You have well kept, but do you know why?
You know you were upset,
But may be it’s just a mindset.

That light for which you are waiting,
That may be can ignite the soul you are hating,
Is neither in stars of the night,
Nor in the sun of the day light,
It lies, in the heart,
Which you’re hiding inside.

~Khushi Garg

It’s not like I am undergoing some mental or physical trauma, but it’s just that sometimes we tend to not feel well.

The life of an adolescent is like a roller coaster, at one moment he is ecstatic and is at cloud nine but just after a minute he becomes sorrowful. The reason can be as small as a needle but even needle can prick hard. This poem is result of one such incidents and I don’t even remember why I felt that way but still this extract lives inside a lot us in many ways.

A lot of times, we tend to weep because of some past incidents, some mistakes commited, some people betrayed etc. but it can’t be undone right? We just sit with hope that someone will come and help us out but no-one will.

Because as someone said,

Even though it was not your fault, the responsibilty to heal still falls on you.


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10 thoughts on “(05) May be…

    1. Yes that’s true, it’s only we who can heal ourselves and no matter how much we supress the feelings, we won’t be able to hide them forever, some day or the other we’ll have to deal with it.


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