(03) You are a Magic

You are a magic,
But not everyone is a believer.
You are the moon,
But not everyone will share their sky.
You are a bright sunshine,
But not everyone is feeling cold.
So, even if you are a giver,
Not everyone deserves to be the receiver.

~Khushi Garg

Only 2% of all the people you know,  really care about you and it’s only their opinions that can influence your life. Then why do you change yourself  hoping to impress the rest 98%, because no matter what you do their opinion won’t change and no matter how stupid you get, those 2% people won’t judge you.

Start prioritising yourself over others, accept yourself as you are and put your physical, emotional and mental well-being first because.. self love and self care is not selfish.❤️

Holding hands

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Hello! Thank you so much for reading a piece of my work!! Hope you liked it!!

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24 thoughts on “(03) You are a Magic

      1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it, and would definitely reach up to you whenever I get some idea for a project or poem!!
        I hope it’s okay with you if you could guide me about how guest posts works as I am a new comer in the WP community, and not really familiar with that.

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      2. Welcome. My email is on this blog’s connect page if you’d like to reach out. A guest post is writing a post for another persons blog as a guest with credits for your work etc. which can be sent over email with an image. 🙏

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    1. Sometimes, it’s the kind of society we live in and the way people are treated around us, shapes our thought processes more than the experiences we have had.


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