Blogger’s Dairy #1

Sunday 7th March 2020

I think I am quite late with this post but to be honest I had my diary/journal post in drafts section and I forgot all about it.😅 Talking about journal and diary.. can someone please tell me the real difference between the two? I always get confused.

And, I had decided to post about my blogging journey as how it goes..on occasional basis of course.

So, I posted my first ever post on this blog this day!! I also posted a poem and got a few likes immediately (didn’t expect that). Check it out!! I made this site in around January and wanted to wait till I finish high school but as you can see.. I couldn’t, I have my exams in a week and yet I started with the blog. No regrets till now 😉

Most of the time I was just figuring out the features word press offers, and turns out.. you can really try anything.

It seems to be a place where I can share everything about me and still remain undercover!! Fascinating..isn’t it? Now, I have decided to continue and fetch ideas and inspiration.

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