(02) Faded Feelings

Friends looking at view
People may come and go, but memories? They remain forever..

They were so different,
yet they were close.
There was an unintentional connection,
that somehow faded with time,
and the reasons are yet to be know.
There was a soul who dealt,
and a heart who never felt.
There was a person who never knew,
the catastrophic consequences definitely not few.

Day by day they went down,
Into that solemnly silent unfamiliar sound.

~Khushi Garg

There are a lot of people who suddenly play an important role in our life and become a part of it. Those might be our friends, family members or even our significant other. But sometimes the circumstances make it difficult for us to coexist in same environment. Some mistakes, unresolved conflicts and misunderstandings make that bond weaker and it fades with time.

Though the memories remain and we people are left wondering about what went wrong…

Hello! Thank you so much for reading a piece of my work!! Hope you liked it!

I am sure we all have encountered such experiences. Don’t forget to comment down about yours. OR I would really appreciate if you just stop by to say Hi!

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4 thoughts on “(02) Faded Feelings

  1. I really relate to your poem on a much deeper extent. I love what you wrote in your Outro. People we’ve loved all our life, when decide to leave, we just our stuck thinking if it was our fault.

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    1. That has happened with me a lot of times, especially during lock down. But with time I was able move forward and now I am able to remember those people as some happy memories.
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your experience.❤️

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  2. Wonderful poem, dear Khushi. Without attentive resolution to matters at hand, feelings can fade over time without people realizing it. Thanks for sharing, my friend & best wishes on your upcoming exams 🤗🌹

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