The Truth – A Short Story

PROMT – “She showed up at his office, bruised and covered in blood.” Varun was mindlessly working on his laptop and heard a faint groan, which slowly became prominent. He looked up and saw Garima hobbling in her office, located right in front of his. He forgot everything and ran towards her. He was horrifiedContinue reading “The Truth – A Short Story”

2021-A year at glance!

I just realised that 2021 in going to end in less than 24 hours and i want to end this year on a happy-blog-stats note. Hence, a post. It all started in January 2021, when I had board exams and entrances on my head, we went out for wedding celebrations (not mine though) and enjoyedContinue reading “2021-A year at glance!”

The Liebster Award

Hey guys. Merry Christmas everyone.🎅🎄 Hope you all are doing great. This is a fun post where I have answered some entertaining questions and have revealed interesting facts about myself. If in case anyone is wondering- Liebster is a German word that means dearest. I was nominated for “The Liebster Award” by Aayushi. (More thanContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

“Perhaps I don’t want to fit in” – Prompt

The world is not a fairytale you wanted it to be. How do you expect to fit in when you haven’t encountered even a 2% of the REAL people. “Perhaps I don’t wanna fit in, may be I just wanna create my own little fantasy n never leave my cocoon”


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About Me

Hello and welcome to The Shared Pen! My name is Khushi Garg. I am from Delhi, India and I was born and brought up here itself. I completed my schooling from DAV Public School.

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